Age: 2
Great Dane Mix
Located in
Not available for interstate adoption

Monty is 2 and a big loveable goofball.
He has lived with a family with small children from a puppy
He has been getting some training walking on lead, and we have found the halti works perfect for Monty.
He still needs to learn some manners.
He gets excited on lead when he meets other dogs, and other dogs can be reactive to his size (45kg)
Monty needs a family with kids and adults that have had big dog experience.
This boy thrives on knowing his boundaries and loves to know the rules.
He doesn’t cope, being on his own for long periods.
He would do well with a small confident dog.
Monty has a lot more Dane traits then Mastiff, in our opinion.
We will not look at applications where he will be chained up or left outside.
He needs to be included in a family, and that means, allowed inside.
He is in Nerang.
Adoption Fee is $495

Name: Monty
Age: 2
Breed: Great Dane Mix
Gender: male