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Ambassadog - Ginge Gained his Wings Sept 2021

Until he gained his wings, Ginge was a permanent member of the Tails of the Forgotten Team. In 2015 he was a very special 10 year old Shih Tzu. Not only did Ginge brighten up our days around the office, he was the welcoming committee for all new dogs who come through our doors into care. He reassured them that they were safe now and made them feel at ease. He did quite well with the ladies.. Ginge was once a rescue dog himself so he knows what the process is like. In fact, Ginge was the very first dog to enter our Tails of the Forgotten Inc. doors many months ago. And well.. he decided he wasn't going anywhere!

Ginge was a busy man. When he was not lazing around by the pool, and pottering in the garden under the sun, he was involved within the community helping us educate the public and promote the adoption of in particular, senior dogs. He was ruling out the stereotypical myths regarding older dogs one by one.

In his spare time, Ginge used to run his own Facebook page! "Ginge First-Dog" so make sure you add him as a friend! So you can be kept up to date with his adventures.

He brings joy to everyone he meets and the Tails of the Forgotten Team adore having him as their mascot.

Ginge tries to make it to as many of our Fundraising days as possible. His time is very precious but he manages to surprise his fans whenever he can.

Ginge thank you for all the work you do & all the joy you bring to our committee and the community.

We love you Gingey-boy. Fly High

Me came to Tails of the Forgotten Inc az dere berry fust wescue! Me dun summat a bit norty an sabutacked ebbry meet an gweet til Twace (Tracey Dale) wealized wot me waz doin. Hims lerned me dun finda famly fur me, dey jus waz too silly to see it!

Me iz de main man in de house, me pak is de famly, dere is Twase, Waz, an me fursibz Maggie an Mav. Dey all nose me is fust dog tho. Me wubs bein de Ambassadog, me meks wots of nu fwens and haz me fanz, jus need mor Tweets an ebbryfing be pawfek.

Me iz gonna keep spreddin de wub all awound de munity an me is gonna welcum wots mor wescue dogs an mek me pak eben betta. Iffen yoo wanna be Ginge's fwen jus wook fur *Ambassadog* page on de FaceBook fing. Me wikes lotsa fwenz but now me gonna jump on Twase's bed an taka wittle nap!

(Human Translation) Hi my name is Ginge and yes the rumours are true.. I am the Ambassa-dog for Tails of the Forgotten Inc. and I take my job very seriously. I have a lot of fur-fans (mainly the girls) and the humans love me too.

When I first came to Tails of the Forgotten Inc, I sabotaged every meet and greet until Tracey finally realised that I didn't want to go anywhere. I had already found my family, they were just too silly to see it!

I am the man of the house but my family also consists of Tracey, Waz, Maggie & Mav. Everyone knows I am the top-dog though. I love being the Ambassa-dog because I get to make so many new friends and meet lots of fans.

I hope to continue to spread the love within the community and make a lot more rescue dogs feel welcomed. Oh and foller me on Facebook too! "Ambassadog".

I'm going to go jump on Tracey's bed now.