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Sometimes as much as it hurts us, we feel there are no other options than rehoming our beloved furkids. Sometimes it is out of our control.

Our mission here at Tails of the Forgotten is all about the dogs. We try to assist the community to the best of our ability in keeping dogs with their current families by offering suggestions and alternatives ie training tips, behaviourist contacts, trying to avoid the need to surrender. This avoids heartache for all parties involved. If circumstances prevail though, providing we have a foster carer available, we will ensure your dog finds his/her forever home. To surrender your dog to Tails of the Forgotten then please fill out the form below and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible. Once a dog becomes part of the Tails family s/he is always part of the Tails family.

If we are able to find a carer for your dog, someone will be in contact with you to arrange an appropriate time for your dog/s to come into care. You will be required to sign a Surrender Agreement. A kind donation to go towards your dog's future vet bills is appreciated. There is a no cooling off period, after the dog has come into care. Please make sure you are confident with your surrender decision before going ahead.

Still unsure if surrendering your dog to Tails of the Forgotten is the right thing? Click on the links below to assist with your decision.

Surrender Form

Surrender Form Form