Age: 3
Border Collie
Located in
Available for interstate adoption

Reggie is a beautiful gentle soul.
We rescued him from a BYB.
This sweet boy is quiet and a little timid. But each day, he is coming out of his shell.
His left front foot at the ‘wrist’ has been broken and untreated. But it has healed straight, but still looks a little odd.
We have had x-rays taken of his foot, and you can see it hasn’t healed wrong, but you can see it hasn’t been treated by a vet.
The diagnosis from vet is he will definitely get arthritis in his joint when his older.
Another alternative method to relieve it as he gets older is tumeric paste.
Reg is very dog friendly and cat friendly, and amazingly child friendly.
He is a little wary of most men, tends to shy away from them till he feels safe.
He hasn’t been loved and treated well in his first few years of life.
Reg isn’t a huge eater.
And doesn’t have hay border collie energy like most do, especially at his age of 3.
We think as he gets more confident and healthier in his well being his energy levels may improve.
But Reg we believe loves just been around his people and loved and cared for.
He needs to be a inside dog,at least at night and would love a mate to teach him to be a loving pet in a great home is so much fun.
We have completed all Regs vetwork.
He is a beautiful boy, and deserves a loving caring home.
Reg is 3-4
Adoption fee- $500

Name: Reggie
Age: 3
Breed: Border Collie
Gender: male