Age: 15
Fox Terrier Mix
Located in
Available for interstate adoption

We accidentally put a extra year on him.
Angus is only just turned 15

Our little old man ‘Angus’ is looking for a VERY specific home.
Ok, we know he has some miles on him, but this little dude is in great health for his age. Ok some stiffness in his joints, but that doesn’t stop him wanting his daily walks.
He loves people and children, but he isn’t really fond of most dogs. He is old and crotchety and wants all the attention to himself.
One quirk that is a pretty important one, little Angus has separation anxiety.
So we are looking for a family that knows that this little fella just wants to be with you 24/7. And you know what, he deserves to have a family or person that gets that! You are not going to change him, and you shouldn’t.
Please don’t think because he is 16, he hasn’t much time! Who knows when his time is, but he deserves a compassionate person/family that doesn’t care how long he has, they just want to give him whatever time he has left with the best home EVER!!
Location- Gold Coast
Adoption Fee- $200

Name: Angus
Age: 15
Breed: Fox Terrier Mix
Gender: male